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Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Cultural Memory and Traumas.

The TRAME Centre is dedicated to the research and study of individual and cultural memory genres, places and representations within conflict and post-conflict situations.

In particular, much attention is devoted to violence, collective traumas and the role of forms of testimony in the broader projections of post-conflict issues.

The Centre will contribute to debates on memory and memory studies, a field where these different but interconnected subjects are explored.

Collective traumas are inscribed in representations, texts, places and spaces through which they are confronted, re-elaborated, described and remembered by a community.

On these objects and topics the Centre promotes an interdisciplinary approach and tries to meet a social and cultural needs.

Today, abuse of memory, political strategies of control, and the management and resolution of conflicts in intercultural contexts are problems which demand that communities face up to them.

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TraMe - Centre for the Interdisciplinary Study of Cultural Memory and Traumas

Via Azzo Gardino, 23

40122 - Bologna - Italy