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LIBERTAS PHILOSOPHANDI. Fredoom of Expression, Conscience and Thought in Modern Philosophy

dal 09/09/2019 al 11/09/2019

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What does Libertas philosophandi mean for us today?

Libertas philosophandi is at the center of the 17th-and 18th-century European debate on the status and role of both science and philosophy with respect to theological authorities. From Spinoza to Bayle, from Locke to Voltaire, from Wolff to Kant, Libertas philosophandi became one of the central issues in philosophy to be put in act and defended. Therefore, it assumed a paradigmatic value in various fields of inquiry, from scientific culture to social history, from utopian political movements to religious reforms, from the birth of public opinion to the defense of human rights.

The fifth ESEMP conference, LIBERTAS PHILOSOPHANDI. Freedom of Expression, Conscience and Thought in Modern Philosophy, to be held in the Department of Philosophy and Communication Studies of the University of Bologna from 9th to 11th September 2019, will address some facets of this conceptual prism and its metamorphosis, from three perspectives: Thought and Expression, Gender and Identity, Theology and Science. Through an investigation of these conceptual pairs and the tensions that animate them, this conference aims to explore the different meanings of Libertas philosophandi in the rise of modern European culture, as well as its value for our present.


Call for Papers

We invite paper submissions from researchers of all levels, including Ph.D. students, on any aspect of the conference’s theme. The topics are: Thought and ExpressionGender and Identity; Theology and Science.

To submit, please email an anonymous abstract in English for blind review – maximum 600 words – with a clear reference to the relative topic, to the following address:

The heading of the email should be ‘ESEMP abstract’ and the email should contain the author’s details (name, position, affiliation, contact details). The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 28th February 2019.

The languages of the Conference are Italian, French, English, German.

Scholars who plan to attend the conference should register by emailing to the following address: by 31st March 2019, in order to give us an accurate idea of numbers of participants.

Further details about registration and funding will be posted soon.